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We provide full-cycle Software development & IT services.

We have been working in the Software industry since 2012. And we deal with 100 of customers while our establishment. We are ready to offer the best and most reliable service by the well trained and professional staff with pool of experience.

As a software development company we have variety of routes such as UI & UX engineering, Desktop & Standalone applications, Internet & Web Solutions, Hardware Solutions, Mobile-Based Solutions, Business Consulting, IOT & Innovation Projects and Digital Marketing.

Highly rated services and solutions provided by our organization

  • We Using Latest Technologies & Techiniques evry development process
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction forwarded for best working projects
  • Reliable & 24 hour Help desk Support for clients
    We are one of the top responsible and fast IT service providers in Sri Lanka


Our services to enhance your Business and mix with new Technologies.

Business Consulting

We provide technical advice and all necessary software support, technology and order services to bring the business up to the highest level.

Hardware Solutions

All hardware services related to computers, digitalization and technology are reliably supplied with the required hardware components.

Desktop UI/UX Solutions

Create high quality computer softwares, user friendly, attractive and easy to operate and create to your needs and easy to understand.

Mobile Applications

Create smar tphone applications for your business and any smartphone applications you need. And smart phone application problem sloving.

Web & Internet Solutions

All the services you need to make your business website, look attractive and up lifting. As a exmaple your web Serch Engine Optimized.

Digital Marketing

The digital advertising services your business needs to reach the most potential customers. Come to top level business feeld.

Why choose us?

You will only be satisfied if your needs are met. You should choose the companies and people with the most experience to do so.

All business and services in the developing world are being digitized. In those situations, you and your business need to get to that point.

In the digital world take place all business and day-to-day operations on computers and the Internet. To move forward in the world of technology, all people have to use computers and the Internet. Knowledge and software are essential for this. Then you have to look for technicians. We believe that we are the best fit for you. Joining us with an experienced and well trained staff is a step into the world to technology.

Working with latest technologies

Technology is getting new every day. All our software and services are customized to suit that.We use the latest techniques and update every time.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We always strive to meet the needs of our customers. A large number of customers have joined us. Our staff are friendly and provide the services they need.

Efficient Help Desk 24/7 hours

Time can be considered a major hindrance in the competitive world.Delaying on personal services diminishes the value of the process. However, we identify the customer need and work to deliver the service Efficient and faster.






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Hard Workers

Call To Request

Any IT or Software technical Support you can call our HR Section,Get our 24/7 hours support for uplift your business progress.

Web Application Development Services

Our dedicated web application development team full of experts brings over 7 years domain experience.More than 100 web sites & Web applications delivered by FSC ZONE power business across various industries such as healthcare,banking,retail,manufaturing and telecommunications.

FSC ZONE keeps up with the latest trends in front-end development to meet the growing user demands for simplicity and visual appeal. To make web applications not only powerful, but also interactive, intuitive and stylish, we work with a wide range of technologies

Languages & Techiniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS.

We define our backend development tools in accordance with our customers’ business requirements and develop robust and durable backends, irrespective of the technologies we use. For convenient further administration, we also offer deployment and customization of a suitable content management system.

Languages: .NET, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS)

Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework (for legacy web app maintenance), Laravel, Django, Pyramid, ASP.NET, Spring, Express

CMSs: Drupal, Pimcore, Wordpress

Mobile Application Development Services

We cover all stages of mobile application development and offer them both as stand-alone services and as parts of our full-cycle mobile app development.

We provide professional mobile consulting and business analysis to analyze your needs and elicit requirements, define and prioritize features, as well as plan out the solution architecture and conduct usability testing.

Our mobile UI/UX design specialists create a conversion-driven mobile user experience that makes for high conversion and user retention.

FSC ZOBE welcomes all types of mobile app implementation – from website-to-app conversion to original concept realization; from refactoring of your existing code to blank-slate app development.We offer native mobile development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and cross-platform/hybrid development on Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native. Our business analysts help you decide on the platforms to target and choose a suitable development framework.

Our Projects

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We got well trained and experinced cool staff for multifunctional working process.

Deepal weerasuriya

CEO & Founder

Malinda Senanayake

Director & Founder

Geethanjana Bandara

Software Engineer

Milroy Fernando

Marketing Consultant

Our Clients

Digital Marketing Packages

We provide the best digital marketing plans for improve your business overally.Choose your realible plan now.


Basic Plan

  • 1K Audience
  • One Facebook Page
  • One Business E-mail
  • Google Business Account
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Regular Plan

  • 1K Audience
  • One Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Google Business Account
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Premium Plan

  • 2K Audience
  • Two Facebook Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Google Business Account
  • Web SEO
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